2nd Attempt

11/15/2021 I’m stalling. My baseboards are desperate for a wipe down and oh my lanta, I just looked on the top of my upper cabinets. Spare yourself the dust-laden, grease-filled horror and NEVER look up there. Because now, the echoes of judgement I had for the sleaze buckets on Go Clean Co.’s Instagram are ringingContinue reading “2nd Attempt”

Essays on Life – 1st Attempt

My third kid has been vacationing away from home for a few days. My other kids have been pawned off on neighborhood friends for the day. I swept, laundered, scrolled, repotted, created, relaxed. Now what? I’m going to do some shitty, dorky, journaling in the hopes that one day, I’ll write something really good andContinue reading “Essays on Life – 1st Attempt”

If You’re Bratty and You Know it, Raise Your Hand

I’m a full grown adult woman. And this morning I was a huge brat. It’s true, I wholly admit responsibility. I made two out of three kids cry and we started the morning off really rough. It’s Halloween today. My favorite holiday. I love dressing up, I love costumes, I love all the spooky funContinue reading “If You’re Bratty and You Know it, Raise Your Hand”

The Most Ambitious Summer Ever.

One idyllic early spring day, we loaded up the fam and headed to our favorite sledding spot outside of Cloudcroft. The sun was streaming in the car, and the kids were actually being nice to each other. I had that delicious, drowsy, sun-drunk feeling. I may have actually been drunk because what I said nextContinue reading “The Most Ambitious Summer Ever.”